Terms and Conditions


     This agreement aims to lay  out the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of The Cutesie Shoppe, the “Shoppe”, and customers, referred to as the "User", on the use of internet-related services provided by the Shoppe.


“Agreement” refers to the Terms and Conditions agreement.

"Shoppe" refers to The Cutesie Shoppe.

"User" refers to the customers, member or non-member, who uses and accesses service(s) provided by the “Shoppe” 

“Member” refers to a User who signed up for an account with the Shoppe by providing his/her personal information to the Shoppe. Signing up will also put the user in a marketing mailing list.

“Non-Member” refers to a user who uses service(s) provided by the Shoppe without signing up for an account with the Shoppe.  

Display, Explanation & Modification of User Agreement

      The Shoppe is responsible to display the contents of this agreement, company name, business address, and e-mail address. The agreement can be accessed through a linked page. The Shoppe may modify this Agreement as long as it does not violate applicable laws in Canada. The Shoppe will notify the users about the change in agreement, and changes will only apply on orders placed the change was placed and onwards, until another change is made.

Intellectual Property Disclosure    

     The content of the Shoppe’s website and its social media platforms belong to the Shoppe, unless stated otherwise. The user or any 3rd party shall not use any content from the Shoppe for the reproduction, transmission, publishing, distribution, broadcasting or other profit-making use without the prior consent of the Shoppe.

Provision of Service

      The Shoppe is responsible for the following duties:

      Providing product information to the best of the Shoppe’s knowledge. 

      Processing of orders: sending the users an invoice or receipt, and packing and sending the package to the courier. The Shoppe is not responsible for any delays in shipping after the package is sent to the courier; We apologize for any inconvenience. 

      When the product turns out to be sold out and payment from the user was received, the Shoppe is responsible to notify the user and refund the payment for the product(s) within 7 days.

Errors, Inaccuracies and Omissions

     There may be cases where the information provided by the Shoppe would have errors, inaccuracies, and omissions. This could include product descriptions, promotions, pricing, offers, shipping charges, transit times, and availability. The Shoppe reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies, and omissions, change or update the information, and cancel orders at any time without prior notice.

Placing an Order

      The user shall place an order for purchase with the following manner at the Shoppe, and the Shoppe shall provide the user with the following information in the form which the user may easily understand.

      Search and selection of goods.

      Entering the name, address, and e-mail address.

      Confirmation of matter(s) in respect of the contents of this agreement, the service(s) of which right of cancellation of purchase is limited, and obligation of delivery fees.

      Agreeing on this agreement by clicking “I agree”.

      Selection of payment method.

Payment Method

     The Shoppe accepts the following payment methods:

      Card payment: Debit card or credit card through Paypal

Gift Certificates

     Gift certificate terms and conditions: One time use only. Shipping not included for $25 and $50 certificates. Shipping is included for $80 and $100 certificates. No cash value. Expires after 12 months of purchase. TCS is not responsible for loss or theft of gift certificates.

Returns,  Refunds, and Cancellations

      Returns can be done as long as  the product is unopened and unused within 14 days of receiving the item(s). Return requests can be placed by e-mailing the Shoppe at thecutesieshoppe@gmail.com. The user will ship the product back to the Shoppe, and will be inspected for approval. The Shoppe will contact the user within 14 days and process a refund if the return is approved. The Shoppe will not be responsible for any shipping costs of the return. 

      Refunds can only be done in the following cases:

      When the product is sold-out and the payment has been processed. 

      Return request was approved. 

      The Shoppe will be able to refund when the product is damaged and deemed not usable. Proof (photo) from the user is required. See examples below:

The bottle of a product is broken, and more than half of the contents have leaked. 

Cosmetic products such as lipsticks and pressed powders that are broken.

      The “Shoppe” is not responsible for any damage of the outside packaging of the products that is caused by the courier after sending the package to the courier. 

      Refund requests and providing proof(s) can be done by notifying the Shoppe through e-mail at thecutesieshoppe@gmail.com.  Refunds shall be done within 7 days of notification, unless the user is not cooperating with the Shoppe. 

      Orders placed can be canceled within 24 hours from the date on which the user received the receipt or invoice by e-mailing the Shoppe at thecutesieshoppe@gmail.com. The Shoppe has to refund the whole amount paid by the User within 7 days. 

Protection of Personal Information

      The Shoppe collects minimum information necessary for processing and fulfilling orders. The following items shall be necessary information and others are optional.



      ID (for Members)

      Password (for Members)

      Email address

      Providing these information to the Shoppe means that the user allows the Shoppe to collect their personal information. Personal information will be used to process the user’s orders. Information related to shipping will be shared to 3rd party courier (Canada Post) for shipping purposes. Further details on which personal information that will be shared can be found in the Privacy Policy document.  

Obligations of User

      Users shall not:

      Register false information at the time of its application or change of information.

      Steal other user's personal information.

      Change information that is played on the Shoppe’s website.

      Infringe the copyright or the intellectual property right of the Shoppe or a 3rd party.

      Take any action to bring disgrace on or interrupt the operation of the Shoppe or a 3rd party.

      Disclose or display any information containing indecent or violent message, video, voice, and other information being against the good public order and customs.


      The user agree to indemnify, defend, and hold  harmless the Shoppe and all that’s related to the Shoppe (suppliers, employees, partners, etc.), from any claim or demand made by a 3rd party due to or arising out of your breach of the agreement, the privacy policy, or of any law or rights of a 3rd party.

Member Account Terms and Conditions


     The User shall sign up for the membership and agree on this agreement after filling out the form designated by he Shoppe with the member information.

     The Shoppe shall register the user who applied for the membership in the manner mentioned earlier as a member provided that the user is not engaged in one of the following:

     The applicant lost its membership in the past 

     There is false information or omission in the registered contents

     The Shoppe deems the applicant may cause significant inconvenience to be registered as a member

 Withdrawal from Membership & Loss of Eligibility

The Member may at any time request for the withdrawal from its membership to the Shoppe, and the Shoppe shall proceed with the withdrawal on the request of the Member.

In the event that a Member is engaged in one of the following items, the Shoppe may limit or suspend the eligibility of the Member. In the event that the Member:

  1. Registered false information at the time of the application for membership.

  2. Has not paid the price of goods it purchased through the Shoppe or other liability borne by the Member in respect of the use of the Shoppe.

  3. Interrupts others to use the Shoppe or threats the order of e-commerce, e.g. illegal of personal information; or

  4. Takes any action being against the laws, this Agreement, and good public order and customers by using the Shoppe.

The Shoppe may cancel the membership of the Member whose membership was suspended or limited, and repeated the same action twice or more, or the cause is not corrected within 30 days.

In the event of the cancellation of membership, the Shoppe shall notify it to the Member, and give the Member 30 days or more to grant an opportunity to explain the cause prior to the cancellation.

Member Notifications and E-mail Marketing

In the event of any notification of the Shoppe to a Member, it may be delivered via an email address designated by the Member through the agreement with the Shoppe. The Shoppe will also send marketing e-mails such as promotions and advertisements to the members. Members can opt-out of the marketing e-mails by contacting the Shoppe at thecutesieshoppe@gmail.com.

Obligations for ID & Password of Member)

Each Member shall be responsible for the management of his or her ID and password. Each Member shall not allow any 3rd party to use his or her ID and password. In the event that a Member recognizes that his or her ID and/or password is stolen or used by a 3rd party, the Member shall immediately notify the Shoppe, and follow the instructions of the Shoppe if required.


The agreement shall be effective from November 1, 2020.