Skin Type Chart

Take a look below which best describes your skin

Characteristics Skincare Goals


Products for Normal Skin

Good oil-moisture balance
Can be drier in winter and oilier in summer
Pores not very visible
Break-outs are rare

Maintain oil-moisture balance


Products for Oily Skin

Face gets oily starting in the morning, especially on the T-zone, cheeks, and chin
Pores are visible
Prone to break-outs

Balance oil production
Avoid completely stripping your skin off of hydration


Products for Dry Skin

Skin feels tight, itchy,
may have flaky appearance
Pores not very visible

Moisturize and strengthen the skin's barrier to lock in hydration


Products for Combination Skin

Oily in the T-zone and cheeks, dry everywhere else
Oily in the T-zone and cheeks, normal skin everywhere else

Balance oil-moisture levels
Avoid harsh products
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