About The Cutesie Shoppe

    Hello everyone! My name is Bridgette and here's my avatar, LOL! I started The Cutesie Shoppe back in September 2019. I grew up using cute stationeries, which made studying more interesting! But I noticed that it was hard to find the cute stuffs that I want. That was exactly why I started providing affordable cute stationeries in Manitoba! Studying doesn't have to be boring! AND these cute stationeries are great for work too! 

    I recently started using Korean skincare products and they amazed me so much that I had to share them with you! My skin felt healthier and I was really digging the extended "me-time" with the routine! Starting the routine was definitely a bit daunting, but don't you worry because I have laid out all the information I have gathered when I was just first starting so, you don't have to look all over the internet! Each product were carefully selected based on the brand, price, and Health Canada standards. 
    I also fell in love with how natural-looking Korean cosmetics are! They are great for everyday use, and I would love to provide them as well in the coming future!

    The goal of The Cutesie Shoppe is to provide affordable cute stationeries and cult-favourite Korean skincare and cosmetics! I hope to satisfy your K-beauty and kawaii craze, and I am always open for any suggestions for new products!

100% Authentic!

Our skincare products are 100% authentic. Our suppliers are all straight from S. Korea!

Affordable and Fast Shipping

We offer competitive prices and fast shipping coming straight from our home in MB

Support Local

TCS is a locally-owned online store. Feel free to shoot Bridgette an e-mail or message on FB & Instagram!

Certified Cult-Favourites

The products were meticulously picked to be the cult-favourites in the market!

Health Canada Standards

TCS products were also specifically picked based on the standards of Health Canada!